Today’s Issues Mission.

Today Issue’s will use strategies developed by our founding fathers over 200 years ago.  From the end of slavery and segregation, to child labor laws and the blocking of the Republican’s Affordable Health Care Act these methods have already proven effective.

Today’s Issues goal is to educate the people and get them more involved in the decision making process, especially those in low income communities.  This will promote public policies that are based on social justice and sustainability.

We need to show the people a better way.  That we have options.  Today’s Issues will keep up date on new technologies and techniques that we can incorporate here at home.  Finding ways to bridge the gap between economic development and environmental sustainability.  Every stakeholder will be taken into account.  Incorporating business as well as environmental interests in any of our plans.

Of course, we need to protect our planet. We also need to put a roof over our head and food on the tables.  Our focus will be to help companies find more environmentally friendly practices, not to shut them down.

We can become energy independent and bring back American manufacturing without hurting the planet.  The tools are there we just need to learn how to use them.

Once people realize we no longer have to chose between the planet or jobs it’s time to move to phase 2-Unite the masses and get their voices heard.

United the “common man” is one of the most powerful voices in American politics.  We will go to the hoods and the trailer parks and make sure the people are registered to vote and have a ride on election day.

We will stand together at city hall and make sure we are represented.  We hold our politician’s jobs in our hands.  We will tell them, “Listen to us or we will find someone who will!”

Eventually the people of Hampton Roads will have a part to play in the city planning process.  Who is better to fix this area than those that hit its speedbumps everyday.


Today’s Issues will post an online link for voter registration and a directory of all the officials that serve our area:  local, state and federal.  As well as maintain a calender for upcoming legislation and public comment periods.



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