Blue Sky Cities-Futurescapes.

A poor girl from the projects changing the world.  No money. No car.  No connections.

What she did have was her voice and her knowledge.

The summer before was crazy.  A young black man was shot and everyone yelled fire.  Riots broke out and protesters were shot.  More police shootings.

Come to find out the cop was telling the truth.  He did reach for the gun.  They found his palm prints on the police car door; gun powder residue on his hands.

No one talked about that.

Fist fights and shouting matches were the norm this presidential election.

All she wanted was for her little patch of land to be a place where people could thrive.

She looked around and saw opportunity in what normally goes to waste.

Electricity from water pipes and treatment facilities. Animal waste turned to gas and fertilizer.  Abandoned lots becoming community gardens.

The People.  We can’t forget the people.

“There’s way more of us than there is of them,” she’d always say.  If she could get her people involved she knew they would win.

She walked and rode the bus to every “bad” neighborhood she could think of.  She went to the projects, the trailer parks, homes that should’ve been bulldozed years ago.

She educated herself and the community.  She explained that carbon emissions is why so many kids in their area have breathing problems.  That chemicals used to farm make their way into food and water and it’s making people sick.

“We’re always the hardest hit!  We can’t afford to buy the food that doesn’t have a bunch of garbage in it or to live in neighborhoods farther from polluters.”

She knocked on doors and got people registered to vote.  Then she would pull out her phone and ask them to send their mayor an email.

“We are voters.  Your job is in our hands.  If you don’t listen to us we’ll find someone who will.”

It went on to discuss different types of green energy that would work in their city and ways to reverse the damage done by pollution.

Before they knew it they had the middle class standing and fighting with them.  Then the rich.

It spread like wildfire.  From city to city, people around the world started to fight back.

Yesterday, the air force base decided it’d make more sense to install their own waterpipe turbines than to continue to pay for coal for their power plants.

We’ll be installing our last pipe next month and the president is up for re-election.

It’s still going to take some time and a lot of hard work to fix all the damage we did; but already people can breathe a lot easier knowing that their planet is safe.

Clean, renewable energy isn’t about a one size fits all solution.  Each city has its own assets and needs.  It’s about each city using the resources available to them.

In Portland, OR Lucid develeped a hydroelectric turbine that fits in the city’s waterlines.  50 feet of pipes can produce enough electricity to power 100-150 homes. Rentricity is installing devices on pressure release valves that trap released pressure and converts it into electricity.  One device can power up to 100 homes.

More and more farmers are using animal waste to produce biogas and supplementing their incomes by selling the electricity THEY produced to the electric company.  We could develope a similar technology for septic tanks.

We may never fully abandon natural gas and coal.  The US is the 2nd largest consumer of electricity in the world.  Add to that our reliance on cars to get around. However, we already have the technology to replace fossil fuels for electricity generation.

With less reliance on fossil fuels we can pick and choose who we get it from and how it’s obtained.

In the Middle East most terrorist organizations are funded by our dependence on oil.  We could literally bankrupt terrorists and increase stability in an area that hasn’t known peace for decades.

So what are we waiting for?


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